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Hard Hat Tour: Perelman Theater

R.J. Scache with Frank Baxter, Safety Manager, LF Driscoll, which provides construction management for the Kimmel Center building project.RJ: How come the stage is round?

FB: This theater has a round, rotating stage that turns 180 degrees so you can have two productions set up at one time -- one with sets and one without. You push a button and the stage rotates. In one configuration, the stage has a shell for better acoustics, and in the other, the stage has full fly space for scenery rigging for Broadway-type shows. You can also make the center section of seats fold in to make a flat floor.

RJ: Where do the seats go when they fold in?

FB: It's called chair wagon storage. The chairs wheel off, and go under the back of the theater, then the floor comes back up, and then you've got a solid floor for dance or cabaret. Cabaret is where you go to dinner and watch a play at the same time.

RJ: That's cool.

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