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Hard Hat Tour: Verizon Hall

Hard Hat Verizon Hall TourRJ: So this theater is shaped like a cello?

FB: Yes, can you see the shape?

RJ: Yeah, it sort of looks like a guitar with the big hole in the middle of the ceiling. What’s that railing up there for?

FB: That's the lighting bridge. There will be lighting fixtures and a spotlight control up there.

RJ: What are all these compartments in the walls?

FB: These are reverb doors that will control sound. There are all kinds of doors that, once it's finished, you won't know are there. This one opens up and a curtain comes out of it that goes all the way down this wall. They'll use that when they want a softer sound. But if they want the sound to bounce off the wood, the curtain rolls up. It just depends on how they want to tune the sound depending on what music they're playing.

RJ: What kind of wood is that on the outside of the hall?

FB: It's Makore Mahogany from Africa. It was chosen because it won't fade under all the ultraviolet light that will come in through the glass roof since it is raised in Africa where the sun is really bright and hot.