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Laurie Wagman is the Founder/President of American Theater Arts for Youth, lnc. (TAFY), and

American Family Theater (AFT). Under her aegis, the two organizations have, in over four decades, presented professional, original musical productions to over 32 million students throughout the United States. Serving both the cultural and curricular needs of school populations, TAFY and AFT have been recognized as key arts-in-education influences nationwide.

Ms. Wagman's philanthropic focus reflects a broad base of interests in art, education and social services. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her achievements on behalf of young people.

The University of Pennsylvania Libraries house her distinguished body of work and related materials, and makes the Collection available to educators and performing arts communities worldwide

Ms. Wagman serves on the boards of the National Childrens Theater Alliance, the University of the Arts and the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society.

Developed with her late husband, publisher lrvin J. Borowsky, the Borowsky-Wagman collection of contemporary glass documents the movement from its beginnings. The Borowsky Glass Studio and the Wagman Prize and Lectures at Tyler reflect that focus and influence.

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