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Chat With Ariel - Graphic Design Interns

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on December 19, 2016

Meet Ariel, another amazing student interning with us in graphic design! We asked her to tell us a bit about herself, why she chose the Kimmel Center, and advice for other interns.

What school do you attend? What is your major? 

I go to Drexel University and I’m majoring in Design and Merchandising.

Why did you intern at the Kimmel Center?


I’ve always been in love with the arts. My dad was a dancer with Alvin Ailey before I was born and my mom was/is always singing around the house so I’ve always enjoyed creativity and fine arts entertainment. The Kimmel Center felt like the perfect fit.

What’s your favorite show you’ve seen at the Center, if any?

I’ve only seen The Pennsylvania Ballet’s production of Cinderella and Revolution. Between those two, I would have to say that I liked Cinderella better, although Revolution was very enjoyable as well.

 Do you have a Kimmel Center “ah ha” moment?


I think my aha moment happened when I realized that The Kimmel Center does a lot for the surrounding community. They do a lot of free events and give back to the community and that gives people who are less likely a chance to enjoy arts/music education.

What would you say to another student looking to intern here?

I would tell another student looking to intern here that creativity and uniqueness are very welcome in this environment. There’s a lot to learn and various interesting personalities to get to know, so they should take it all in and enjoy the ride!

List 3 fun facts about yourself!

1. I’ve been listening to Christmas music since July or August.

2. I low-key want to be in a Broadway musical (but who doesn’t?!)

3. My favorite foods are chocolate, pasta, cheese, and bread.

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