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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage All Season Long

Posted by:  The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Cultural Campus on September 13, 2022

Established in 1968, Hispanic Heritage Month acknowledged the multitude of contributions and influences that Hispanic Americans had and continue to have on United States culture, history, and achievements. Recognized annually from September 15 to October 15, every year, the Kimmel Cultural Campus recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting the Latinx artists, creators, and community members that bring their passion, creativity, and talents to the Philadelphia region. This year, we asked the participants to answer one of three questions:

  • How do you experience the transformative power of the arts?
  • How do you see your craft/position affecting change in our society?
  • What advice would you give to a young person coming up in your fiel

“The arts have an unparalleled ability to act as a mirror, helping us connect more fully with ourselves and the world around us. It is in this state of connectivity that we have a greater sense of empathy and we can begin to heal individually and collectively.”

Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer

Actress, Moulin Rouge! The Musical First National Tour


“It is a great privilege for me to have a position of artistic leadership in the Orchestra. I hope that the visibility given to me helps to encourage the next generations in realizing that their dreams can be fulfilled and that despite the obstacles that we all face, triumph is achievable, it is not just an idea on the horizon.”

Ricardo Morales

Principal Clarinet, The Philadelphia Orchestra


“My advice is to always be yourself, keep on reaching for your goals, and most importantly, never give up! You may encounter unkind people, unfair situations, or even disappointments that feel like they could break your spirit. But remember what you love and let that help you.”

Valeria Velasco

Actress, Annie National Tour

“Never forget where you came from. Embrace the challenges and take on opportunities, each one will play a key role in your growth. Most importantly, do the right thing.’’

Valeria Aponte Feliciano

Anchor/Reporter, Telemundo62, NBC10 and NBC Sports


“The totality of my life’s experience taught me that music and dance can bring people together across all cultures like nothing else. Consequently, I have pursued my ‘calling’ to further this glorious process, whenever and wherever possible, and achieved enormous satisfaction in knowing that along the way I have changed minds and hearts in ways that truly matter.”

Jesse Bermudez

Latin Music Legend & Founder, Asociacion de Musicos Latino Americanos


"More than anything, you have to be passionate about this career. The industry has many ups and downs and I frequently liken it to a roller coaster ride with many peaks and valleys. So, to make it through the valleys, it's essential that you love what you're doing and can find joy during those times. And lastly, remember to be unapologetically you! Because that is something special."

Gerianne Pérez

Actress, SIX National Tour – Boleyn Tour


“Being a theatre performer has allowed me the incredible opportunity to tell stories that affect people on a deeply emotional level. Theatre is an incredible art form that teaches our patrons empathy, acceptance, community and so many other facets of the human condition.”

Nick Duckhart

 Actor, Come From Away National Tour


“The advice I would tell a young person or even my young self is that you don't have to be one thing. Oftentimes, you are told that you have to choose a single career or one single role. In my experience, your passion dictates who you can be and become. Follow your passion and don't let anyone limit your talents.”

Martin Alfaro

Director of Business Development, AL DÍA News Media


“I have learned as an artist, lawyer, community activist, and business leader over the past 30+ years that we need to put in the work for the advancement of Philly’s Latino community. Art and culture have real transformational power, and I know that Latino communities everywhere shine extremely bright in that space. I am excited to be part of a collaborative and inclusive journey that will lead to the formation of a world-class Latinx cultural corridor in Philadelphia.”

Alba Martinez

Artist, Lawyer, Community Activist, Business Leader, and Producer


"Find a way to LOVE auditioning. Make it a game for yourself, make it efficient, fix what annoys you. Auditioning is 90% of your work as an actor so you gotta find the joy or you’ll be miserable 90% of the time."

Aline Mayagoitia

Actress, SIX National Tour – Boleyn Tour

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