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New Year’s Resolutions: 10 Ways To Be More Cultured In 2016!

Posted by:  Kimmel Center on December 31, 2015

1. Experience a new kind of jam session.
Recommendation:  Check out Sittin’ In!

2. Travel more! 
Recommendation: Head to Ireland (if only in your mind) with The Chieftains

3. Go ahead and indulge!
Recommendation: We hear The Very Hungry Caterpillar likes apples and ice cream and cheese and…

4. Go to the movies more! 
Recommendation: Start with classics like Metropolis (featuring LIVE music!)

5. Be a good neighbor. Would you be mine?
Recommendation: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood shares the warm-and-fuzzies of Mr. Rogers’ with a new generation.

6. Be a positive example for the younger generation. 
Recommendation: Bring your favorite toddler to Grow Up Great - free every month.

7. Appreciate those oldies but goodies. 
Recommendation: Let the Geator with the Heater take you back…

8. If you could talk to the animals… 
Recommendation: Wild Kratts Live will take you on quite the animal adventure!

9. Focus more on family. 
Recommendation: Joseph had 11 brothers… see how that turned out!

10. Decide to tell the truth more. 
Recommendation: And hear the truth from others - like at PostSecret

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