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A young person in Christmas attire sits and plays a tuba among a group

‘Twas The Day Of Tuba Christmas

Posted by:  Tyler Daddario, Producing Associate on the Kimmel Cultural Campus on December 20, 2021

Tuba Christmas is a beloved, annual holiday event presented by our Campus, so our Producing Associate Tyler Daddario gave it the classic poem treatment! Experience Tuba Christmas again and again below through poem and photo. A happy Tuba Christmas to all…and to all a good night!


‘Twas the day of Tuba Christmas, and all throughout Philly,

Hearts and spirits were warm, though the weather was chilly.


Just the evening before, all tubists ‘round the region,

Slept tight in their beds, knowing they would soon ring in the season.


For on this day, tubists shall all gather and intermingle,

To play holiday tunes that sparkle and jingle.


They arrived one by one, with their tubas in tow,

With knit scarves and knit hats, it was time for the show!


Mouthpieces and slides were placed on tubas with care,

Warm-ups commenced, as guests soon would be there.


Euphoniums, next tubas, sousaphones lined up flush,

Our maestro took the stage, the incomparable Jay Krush!


The ensemble was ready, minds started to swoon,

But before the magic could start, players needed to tune.


One tuba led the playing, then ten and then more,

As one hundred tubas played together, hearts started to soar.


They opened their scores, Jay lifted his baton,

Christmas magic was flowing from that moment on.


They played through holiday songs - some joyful, some melancholy,

Some spirited, some epic, but most downright jolly!


Through each piece they performed, the audience clapped and cheered along,

They even played jingle bells – oh, what fun was that song!


As this brass show came to its end (even the best moments come to pass),

In one final salute, they wished guests a Merry Christmas!


Each tubist, and patron, and Kimmel staff member,

Left with a smile on their face as they exited the center.


Holiday traditions abound, the festivities encamp us,

At last, the season is alive on the Kimmel Cultural Campus!


Tuba Christmas was held at Cherry Street Pier in 2021 for health & saftey reasons, but will return to the Kimmel Cultural Campus in 2022!


Tyler Daddario is a Producing Associate on the Kimmel Cultural Campus, working to produce a variety of events across all our venues. He loves all things Broadway and also works as a lighting designer and director for local theaters in his free time.

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