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Kimmel Center Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency at the Kimmel Center

Production Photo of Theater Residency at the Kimmel Center

Production Photo of Theater Residency at the Kimmel Center

Production Photo of Theater Residency at the Kimmel Center

Production Photo of Theater Residency at the Kimmel Center

“The Kimmel Center theater residency continues to bring burgeoning performing artists to SEI Innovation Studio to collaborate on an exciting journey of new work.  We encourage Philadelphians to engage with these talented theater artists in their public readings and to be a part of the creative process.”
– Jay Wahl, Producing Artistic Director, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts



Program Details

In order to support the development of new music theater, works of narrative music, and cabaret— the Kimmel Center in collaboration with Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater invites world-class performing artists to create new work that engages and embraces our community. This residency program functions as an incubator for innovative performances while pushing artists both professionally and personally.

The partnership provides guidance and dramaturgy to artists in the creation of their works, with additional opportunity for further development and production at Joe’s Pub, the Kimmel Center and beyond. While the ultimate goal of the program is to produce completed works, the immediate aim is self-exploration, meaningful peer review and the creation of new insights regarding musical narratives.

The two-week intensive program is held at SEI Innovation Studio, where teams of performers come together to create and develop work, that is later presented in a final reading that is free and open to the public. The focus will be on text, voice, music, body, how these elements are woven together into musical and theatrical storytelling, and how the work resonates with audiences.

Produced Works

M'Balia Singley performs on stage


M'Balia Singley


Production photo from The Conversationalists

The Conversationalists

James Harrison Monaco and Jerome Ellis


Molly Pope Reflected

Polly Mope

Molly Pope

Close Up of Martha Stuckey

Due to the Sensitive Nature

Martha Stuckey


Johnny Shortcake Pictured

The Johnny Shortcake Show

David Sweeny

Close up of Courtnee Roze

The Culture

Courtnee Roze


Daniel Alexander Jones Performing on Stage

Black Light

Daniel Alexander Jones


Martha Graham Cracker Pictured

Lashed But Not Leashed

Dito Van Reigersberg

Ethan Lipton Pictured

The Outer Space

Ethan Lipton

Edwin Torres Pictured

Mi Voca Su Voca

Edwin Torres

Jamie Leonhart Performing

Estuary: An Artist/Mother Story

Jamie Leonhart

Mary Tuomanen Performing

Hello! Sadness!

Mary Tuomanen

Deb Margolin Performing

8 Stops

Deb Margolin


Program Curators

  • Alex Knowlton, Director of Joe's Pub
  • Shanta Thake, Senior Director, Artistic Programs, The Public Theater
  • Jay Wahl, Producing Artistic Director, The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts

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