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Carol Lipnik and Tareke Ortiz

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Project Created:Courtnee Roze (The Culture)

"The Culture" was produced by the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

World Premiere: October 26 – 28, 2017

Quote: “Hailing from Harlem, Courtnee is one of the few leading female percussionists and bandleaders in New York. She leads an instrumental fusion/percussion-driven band, Courtnee Roze: The Musical, that presents a unique, rich and energetic blend of monologue, rap, jazz, funk, Afrobeat and live dance.” -Nenim Iwebuke, Afropop,

Bio: Courtnee Roze is a composer, producer, lead vocalist and percussionist. Since the age of 7, Roze had been studying and playing percussion. Her instruments of choice are Djembe and Congas. She is also the founder of the band Courtnee Roze The Musical, an audiovisual project that documents the journey and life of Courtnee Roze. Courtnee Roze has worked and performed with J. Cole (Billboard Album & Radio hit “Crooked Smile” 2013), Tom Brady, Tony Award winner Lachanze (The Color Purple), Cirque Du Soliel (Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade) and Alicia Keys.

Jeffandy AllTogether, born Jeffandy St.Hubert, is a musician, producer and music director for national and local artists’ artist. He is no longer the 12 year old crashing Boston jazz clubs or the 18 year old engineering student sneaking into classes at Berklee College of Music. Today he is a young bandleader, un-orthodox poet and fearless music producer who willfully pushes the boundaries of genre. These traits have landed him placements with The Barkays, underground gospel legend Doobie Powell as well as other local and international artists.

Project Description: She will take audiences on a musical journey through her life, highlighting various influences that have inspired her sound-- hitting on issues such as racism and love. A symbol of female empowerment playing a powerful instrument, Roze’s music is a fusion of afro beats, funk, and spoken word. The Culture will not only feature a diverse musical soundtrack, but will include non-traditional vocal patterns, dance and  tactical staging. 

Residency Public Sharing: 6/25/16


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