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David Sweeny, Ross Bellenoit and Michael Baker

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Production Photo of Theater Residency

Project Created:The Johnny Shortcake Show

"The Johnny Shortcake Show" was produced by the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.

World Premiere: January 27-28, 2018

Quote: “Johnny Shortcake performances are full of toddlers and the parents who shuffle them from one family-friendly activity to the next, shaking their hips and belting out quirky lyrics learned moments earlier.” -Karen Chernick, Philly Voice

Bio: Johnny Showcase is a sweaty, charismatic showman from Rhode Island who is equal parts Andy Kaufman and Prince. Surrounding him is a rag tag group of performers, including spiritual adviser Rumi Kitchen, two vacuous vocalists collectively named The Truth, and knife sharp backing band the Mystic Ticket.

Johnny Showcase is an electrifying experience. An 8-piece absurdist soul outfit based in Philadelphia, it is an innovative, joyful tour-de-force that blissfully toes the line between performance art and a psychedelic soul revival. Carrying the torch of our funk-rock pioneers, they have gained a massive following and propelled Johnny to something that of a funky Philly folk hero legend.

Project Description: The Johnny Shortcake Show was a charming children’s musical that was fun for the whole family. Themed around celebrating silliness, the show featured soul music for children, taught important life lessons, and felt like one big disco party. With fun, engaging, and relatable songs such as “Cupcake Tuesday,” “Brushing your Teeth,” and “Grandma’s Whiskers,” the show truly celebrated childhood in a way that had parents grooving and laughing along.

Johnny Shortcake was a captivating kid-centric personality of David Sweeny, who has made a name for himself in the Philadelphia music and arts scene under his other charismatic persona – Johnny Showcase. He’s described as equal parts Andy Kaufman and Prince. Carrying the torch of funk-rock pioneers, Johnny Showcase has gained a massive following and become something of a funky Philly folk hero legend. In 2016, Johnny, Philadelphia folk rocker Ross Bellenoit, and James Michael Baker aka Rumi Kitchen, embarked on their latest mission to create a musical for kids, and with that, Johnny Shortcake was born! 

Residency Public Sharing: 6/24/16


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