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Deb Margolin in 8 Stops

Deb Margolin in 8 Stops

Deb Margolin in 8 Stops

Deb Margolin in 8 Stops

8 Stops

Artist: Deb Margolin

A Comedy Concerning the Grief of Endless Compassion. Compassion makes such sacred, sacred fools of us! It is about apologizing to things for throwing them in the garbage! It is about hearing the voices of creatures that do not speak! It is about having only 8 stops, wanting to raise, in 8 subway stops, a little boy thrust here from another country with people who could not love him! I meet this boy once, and never again! I have only 8 stops to fill him with a sense of safety and love! 8 stops and no more! I try; I try and try to do it! It is about the mortal body! Shall I say more? Whoever knows what s/he's really talking about?

World Premiere: April 24 – 26, 2014

Written and Performed by Deb Margolin
Directed by Jay Wahl
Set Design by Dara Wishingrad
Lighting Design by Thom Weaver
Sound Design by Christopher Colucci
Costume Design by Rosemarie McKelvey
Prop Supervisor, Kathy Fabian
Dramaturgy by Jay Wahl and Merri Ann Milwe
Stage Manager, Lauren Tracey
Technical Director, Rajiv Shah

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