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Kimmel Center Presents in Partnership with Acting Without Boundaries

Icons: The Power of Difference

Feb 15, 2019
5:00 PM

This event has passed.


Acting Without Boundaries, a unique theatre workshop for the disabled, muses on what it means to be an icon and an everyday hero. The program will feature songs and dialogue from classic Broadway musicals. A panel discussion on inclusion and ADA issues in the theater, media and beyond will follow the performance. This program is in conjunction with Philly Theatre Week and Theatre Philadelphia.

Who is Acting Without Boundaries?
Acting Without Boundaries aims to transform lives and build self-esteem in an empowered community of people with physical disabilities through theater that celebrates ability. 

What is Philly Theatre Week?
Theatre Philadelphia hosts Philly Theatre Week: a 10-day celebration of the artists, organizations, and audiences that have made Greater Philadelphia one of the most vibrant theatre regions in the nation. Audiences will have an opportunity to try something new from our theatre community through a series of productions, readings, interactive events, and much more!

“I love to act, but I always had a difficult time. I wanted to create a place where kids could get involved in theater, form friendships and gain confidence.”

-Christine Rouse, Executive Director, AWB

“AWB has been a marvelous experience for Elizabeth and its impact has been multi- dimensional. It has enabled Elizabeth to build up her self-confidence, which has resulted in her being more outgoing both at home and at school. AWB has definitely shown Elizabeth that her dreams are viable.”

-Joseph Seaman, Parent of Elizabeth Seaman, AWB Actor