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La NOCHE: Philly’s Latin Music Dance Party

Each month we kick off the party with The La NOCHE Band, led by master percussionist Arturo Stable. We then welcome a different guest group to light up the dance floor.

Check out our line-up of past featured artists!

Gio Chamba

Gio Chamba

(Performed on: FEB 3, 2020)
Gio Chamba is a musical duo from Houston Texas, consisting of guitarist & singer Giovanny Alejandro and percussionist Coffee Guzman. Their live shows are as dynamic as their music in that they span many genres and moods. They are musical chameleons, blending in and connecting effortlessly with music fans of all kinds. Blending live and electronic dance performances all in one, they are the only Houston based artists who bring an array of genres together to deliver some original, tropical fusion that will make even the most introverted listener/attendee find a groove. Chamba's music is a wave of diversity with an overall message of love, peace, and acceptance.

YeraSon Pictured


(Performed on: DEC 16, 2019)
YeraSon is a New York based Cuban Charanga Orchestra that was founded in 2001. YeraSon electrifies old-school Cuban Music with a distinctly modern New York twist. YeraSon interprets authentic Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Boleros, Guajiras, and Merengue with inimitable drive and swing. The group's unique sound is at once elegant and energetic with a contagious rhythm that attracts dancing and listening crowds alike.

Alea Pictured


(Performed on: NOV 25, 2019)
Alongside brilliant performers Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza, Franco Pinna, and Juan F. Ruiz; Alea delivers a high energy performance that travels through many countries in Latin America and that recreates its rich culture. The group accentuates buttery vocals, deep-rooted grooves, holistic guitar conversations and riveting sax and clarinet performance. The communion of Cumbia, Vallenato, Rancheras, Jazz, and Pop make possible their diverse soundscape with that New York City edge.

Bembona Pictured


(Performed on: OCT 21, 2019)
Bembona is a Puerto Rican-Panamanian DJ, Multi-Platform Artist & Activist, born & raised in Brooklyn, NY. Her work represents & pushes forward the Afro-Diasporadical movement, Latinx/Indigenous/Caribbean/African, with the purpose of empowering & bridging the gap between POC communities, generations, activist work & beyond.

Xiomara Laugart Pictured

Xiomara Laugart

(Performed on: SEP 30, 2019)
Originally from the Guantánamo province of Cuba, Xiomara Laugart began her career at the age of 15, performing several different expressions of traditional and contemporary Cuban music. During the 1980s, she entered the Adolfo Guzman Contest for Cuban music where she was granted the highest award. She went on to win other international awards at Poland’s Sopot Festival in 1985, and at Germany’s Dresden Festival in 1986. After having recorded self-titled albums in Cuba, she moved to Rome and later to New York.

Cimarron Pictured


(Performed on: APR 05, 2019)
Cimarrón performs joropo music from the Plains of the Orinoco River with a contemporary sound. Their powerful scenic force delivers a unique blend of its Andalusian, Indigenous American and African roots, with a soulful ethnic singing, amazing stomp dance and fierce instrumental virtuosity of strings and percussions. Their music includes four-stringed cuatro, harp, maracas, and also peruvian-flamenco cajón, brazilian surdo, afro-colombian tambora, a stomp dance as a percussion component and tribal indigenous whistles never seen before out of Latin America.

Maquina Mono Pictured

Maquina Mono

(Performed on: JUL 015, 2019)
Maquina Mono is a 5 piece band that plays a range of music: Rock, R & B, Salsa, Ska and Reggae, all arranged to fit their Latin Rock sound. They play originals, and covers of artists ranging from: Celia Cruz to Stevie Wonder, from Pharrell to Fabulosos Cadillacs. They have opened for the internationally acclaimed band Maná at Prudential Center, as well as hit group, The Sugarhill Gang. They've had a residency at the legendary Bitter End in NYC for the last 3 years; a venue that saw the start of artists such as: Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and many more. They have played clubs and festivals in NYC, Boston and South America.

Los Hacheros Pictured

Los Hacheros

(Performed on: JUN 03, 2019)
Brooklyn’s Los Hacheros, modern-day torchbearers of the Golden Age of Latin music, recorded their sophomore album Bambulaye (February 26 / Chulo / Daptone Records) live to vintage analog tape, giving the music a raw, but warm and open sound similar to the Latin legends that have inspired them.


Radio Jarocho promo image

Radio Jarocho

(Performed on: MAY 13, 2019)
Radio Jarocho plays the rowdy, upbeat, and at times melancholic music of the countryside of Veracruz, Mexico, and has been mixing it with the sounds of New York’s urban life for over ten years. They deliver performances that are passionate, energetic, and true to the roots of the genre. 

Battle of Santiago promo image

Battle of Santiago

(Performed on:APR 08, 2019)
Toronto-based group Battle of Santiago combines classic Afro-Cuban rhythms and vocals with a distinctly Canadian post-rock spirit and sensibility. The result is a wholly unique sound that tells a universal 21st Century story, transcending borders while staying rooted in one city's immigrant experience.

SKALA ORQUESTA promo image

Skala Orquesta

(Performed on: MAR 11, 2019)
More than an orchestra, Skala is a crazy party night where the artists get involved with the audience to present an unforgettable show. The repertoire includes the world hits of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia and choreographic songs used for the "Hora Loca".

promo photo of Pistolera


(Performed on: FEB 11, 2019)
Highly regarded New York band Pistolera has toured its accordion-driven dance songs in six different countries since its debut in 2005. Led my Mexican-American songwriter Sandra Lilia Velasquez, the band has released three studio albums, and has shared the stage with Los Lobos, Lila Downs, Vieux Farka Toure, and many others. They were invited to perform an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, and their music has been featured in numerous television shows, including the AMC hit television series Breaking Bad.

Dawn Drake & ZapOte Pictured

Dawn Drake & ZapOte

(Performed on: JAN 14, 2019)
Bassist, conguera, and singer-songwriter Dawn Drake leads her worldbeat-meets-funk ensemble ZapOte, which breaks down cultural barriers by incorporating everything from Afro-Cuban jazz to hip-hop to samba into a soul-shaking mix. Deep bass grooves and swinging horn lines provide a danceable backdrop for Drake’s socially conscious lyrics, which impart messages of universal consciousness, empowerment, and compassion.

Descarrilao Pictured


(Performed on: DEC 17, 2018, MAR 2, 2020)
Descarrilao is a bilingual Salsa Dura Rock band performing original compositions and reimagined covers. Their sound is rooted in traditional Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Their style is a reflection of today's multicultural and multidimensional fusion of American Latin music in New York.

Bulla en el Barrio Pictured

Bulla en el Barrio

(Performed on: NOV 12, 2018)
Bulla en el Barrio started in October 2014 and is currently comprised of 14 people who have been consistently meeting to learn and practice Bullerengue. The bullerengue tradition was born in Colombia in the Uraba and Caribbean region and has been a tool for women to express themselves through music and dance. For this reason, women’s leadership and their power to engage communities into creative processes characterizes bullerengue.

Los Hacheros Pictured

Los Habaneros

(Performed on: OCT 15, 2018)
The explosive Los Habaneros are a force to behold on stage. Mixing musical styles from their home in Cuba with the diversity of sounds they encountered when they made New York City their home, Los Habaneros transcend traditional musical genres to create a real fusion that provokes fans into hip-shaking abandon.

Flor de Toloache pictured

Flor De Toloache

(Performed on: SEP 24, 2018)
Latin Grammy Winners Mariachi Flor de Toloache make New York City history as its First and Only All­-Women Mariachi Group. The members hail from diverse cultural backgrounds such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, Colombia, Germany, Italy and the United States. This defines their unique flavor and sound. The result of this cultural bouquet is an edgy, versatile and fresh take on traditional Mexican music.

REBOLU Pictured


(Performed on: AUG 13, 2018, JAN 6, 2020)
REBOLU is an Afro-Colombian musical ensemble comprised of some of the finest Colombian musicians in the United States. The group promotes the rich musical traditions of their ancestors; the afro-descendants of Colombia's Caribbean coast. It is their belief that these folkloric traditions should continually evolve over time and with the ideas of new generations of folklorists. This belief is surely reflected in their music. From traditional songs to original compositions, the entirely of Rebolu's repertoire is loaded with energy, history and danceability.

Orquesta el Macabeo Pictured

Orquesta el Macabeo

(Performed on: JUL 9, 2018)
One of the great sensations of the current Puerto Rican salsa scene, Orquesta el Macabeo recovers the island’s salsa tradition to update it with new ideas and the energy of its eleven musicians, with backgrounds in punk rock, ska and reggae. Their plan: revindicate the true heavy sound of the “Salsa Gorda” with its sound and lyrics that tell stories about real life in which anyone can relate.

image of congas

The La NOCHE House Band, with special guests Ariacne Trujillo Durand and YUSA!

(Performed on: JUN 4, 2018)
Grammy Nominee Ariacne Trujillo has performed and/or recorded with Paul Simon, Paquito D’ Rivera, Wynton Marsalis, Danny Rivera, Jonny Pacheco, John Scofield, Brian Lynch, Esperanza Spalding and Savion Glover.

Yusa is admired and known as a highly talented arranger, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, tres, bass and piano/keyboards in various song, jazz, rock and acoustic duo combinations.

Fulaso Pictured


(Performed on: MAY 5, 2018)
Fulaso, short for Funky Latin Soul, is an unparalleled dectet impassioned by mixing classic salsa and boogaloo arrangements fueled by Latin World rhythms with slammin' funk and soul. This tight troupe is committed to igniting bodies and minds with rhythmic reactions so powerful, it wakes and shakes the unconscious! Fulaso is spreading a high energy dance party epidemic with a signature sound that emanates the 60’s and 70’s of Spanish Harlem in New York City.

Spanglish Fly Pictured

Spanglish Fly

(Performed on: APR 2, 2018)
SPANGLISH FLY is part band, part celebration: 11 musicians igniting a party that quickly spreads to the audience. They have been hailed for, "single-handedly reviving sixties bugalú in NYC" (NBC New York). Boogaloo! is that mix of Latin and soul/R&B music that emerged from the clubs, the street corners, the transistor radios and the pool halls of 1960s Spanish Harlem. That irresistible groove that blends Afro-Caribbean rhythms with the passion and the harmonies of 60s-era soul.

Combo Chimbita

Combo Chimbita

(Performed on: FEB 5, 2018)
Combo Chimbita gleefully fuse elements from cumbia, 70s funaná from Cape Verde, kompa from Haiti as well as salsa & reggae, mixing the Guacharaca and futuristic-yet-retro synth sounds.

Forro in the Dark pictured

Forró In the Dark

(Performed on: JAN 8, 2018)
Forró in the Dark combines the driving dance rhythms of forró from Northeastern Brazil with a melting pot of rock, jazz, reggae, psychedelia, folk and more.

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem Pictured

M.A.K.U. Soundsystem

(Performed on: DEC 11, 2017)
M.A.K.U embodies an active quest for identity through sound and bodies in motion, and puts on a party for everyday people. M.A.K.U’s distinctive sound is enriched with a variety of musical backgrounds brought to the table by each of its members. On stage MA.K.U juxtaposes traditional Colombian percussion, drum-set, synthesizers, electric base, guitar and sizzling horns, creating an explosive performance filled with unshakable grooves.

Dos Santos Pictured

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta

(Performed on: NOV 20, 2017)
Collectively raised through the pedagogy of American popular and traditional Latin music, their future-minded sound gestures forward into an idealized new progressive American music, as rooted in Chicago as it is communicable with the world.

The Battle of Santiago Pictured

The Battle of Santiago

(Performed on: OCT 2, 2017)
Toronto-based group Battle of Santiago combines classic Afro-Cuban rhythms and vocals with a distinctly Canadian post-rock spirit and sensibility. The result is a wholly unique sound that tells a universal 21st Century story, transcending borders while staying rooted in one city’s immigrant experience.

Ocho Ocho Ocho Pictured

Ocho Ocho Ocho

(Performed on: SEP 18, 2017)
Ocho Ocho Ocho is a 5-piece band that has created an eclectic mix of sounds they call “neo-latin thunderfunk.”

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