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Raise Your Glass

Did you know you can enjoy a beverage from the comfort of your own seat during the performance? Purchase a Kimmel Center souvenir cup, fill it with your favorite drink and enjoy the show.

What you need to know about spill proof cups: 

Why does Kimmel Center Management allow cups into the venues?

  • It makes attending a show more fun! Allowing patrons to bring cups into the venues aligns with experiences like going to the movies or Broadway in New York. 

  • Selling cups generates revenue. Additional revenue sources allow the Kimmel Center to continue to support its own programming, as well as the programming of its resident companies, including the Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ballet, Philly Pops, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Philadanco and America Theater Arts For Youth.

Can I bring a drink into the theater without a Kimmel Center spill proof cup?

  • No, only drinks in Kimmel Center spill proof cups will be allowed.

Can I bring in my own spill proof cup (my travel coffee mug, or a cup from a non Kimmel Center show for example)?

  • No, only the Kimmel Center spill proof cup will be allowed into the theaters.

Can I get refills?

  • Yes, refills will be allowed for the price of the drink.

I purchased a cup at at the Merriam Theater; can I bring it to a show at the Academy of Music or Verizon Hall?

  • Yes, you are allowed to reuse your cup for additional Kimmel Center Presents and Broadway Philadelphia performances that allow cups into the theaters.

Can I bring my spill proof cup to a Philadelphia Orchestra, Opera Philadelphia, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Chamber Music Society or Pennsylvania Ballet performance?

  • Each organization or renter of a venue controls permission of drinks in the theaters. At this time only Broadway Philadelphia performances and select Kimmel Center Presents performances allow drinks into the theaters. Rentals (non resident companies) will be handled on a case by case basis.

What size are the cups?

  • Cups currently come in two sizes: 10oz and 16oz

What is served in each cup?

  • Hard liquor and wine in the 10oz cups
  • Soda, water, and beer in the 16oz cups

Where are the cups sold?

  • Cups are sold at the concession areas of each theater.

Will allowing drinks into the theater damage the hall?

  • The integrity of our spaces is second only to our customer’s experiences. The cups are designed to minimize spills that may lead to damage of our spaces.

Do I have to buy a spill proof cup to buy a drink?

  • No. Patrons have the option to buy a drink without purchasing a spill proof cup. However they will not be allowed to bring it into the theater. (The Merriam Theater allows all drinks in the theater.)

Patrons are already allowed to drink in the Merriam Theater, is the Kimmel Center changing the rules and making patrons purchase cups?

  • There are no policy changes for the Merriam Theater. Cups are available for sale, but are not required for entrance into the theater. The cost is the same at $4.

Although cups can only be brought into Verizon Hall, Merriam Theater, Academy of Music for certain shows, can I purchase a cup for a souvenir?

  • At this time cups will only be available for purchase if there is a show in which they can take the cup into.

Who do I compliment/complain to?

The Kimmel Center is committed to the best experience possible for our patrons, donors and staff.

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