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Graphic showing the photos of 4 people celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage All Season Long

Posted by:  Kimmel Cultural Campus and The Philadelphia Orchestra on September 15, 2023

Established in 1968, Hispanic Heritage Month acknowledged the multitude of contributions and influences that Hispanic Americans had and continue to have on United States culture, history, and achievements. Recognized annually from September 15 to October 15, every year, the Kimmel Cultural Campus recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting the Latinx artists, creators, and community members who bring their passion, creativity, and talents to the Philadelphia region. This year, we asked the participants to answer one of three questions:

  • How do you experience the transformative power of the arts?
  • How do you see your craft/position affecting change in our society?
  • What advice would you give to a young person coming up in your field?

Enrico Lopez-Yanez_IG.jpg

Take every opportunity to explore all of your passions, interests, and curiosities. Every experience in life can inform your creativity and open doors to possibilities you never dreamed possible. 

Enrico Lopez-Yañez 

Conductor, A Very Philly Christmas 

Jennifer Mariela Bermeo_IG.jpg

“The arts have this incredible power to connect people and I’m honored I get to experience that connection every night performing on stage. In my personal experience, the arts have shown me that anything is possible, and the biggest dreams can come true. As a first-generation artist it drives me, and I hope to inspire anyone to live their dreams.”

Jennifer Mariela Bermeo 

Actress, WICKED National Tour

Miguel Martinez-Valle_IG.jpg

“It’s been my honor as a TV reporter and journalist to use my platform as a positive representation of the Latine/Hispanic community, but more importantly to highlight our community’s stories and culture. The Hispanic community of Greater Philadelphia is intersectional & diverse. Our contributions range from excellence in the arts, to role models in civic leadership, innovation in medicine, and everywhere in between. Sharing these stories and bringing our vibrant culture to people’s living rooms, mobile devices and television is a privilege I hold dear.”

Miguel Martinez-Valle 

Reporter, NBC10/Telemundo62 

Lannie Rubio_IG.jpg

“The arts bring people together like nothing else. It impacts those individuals sitting in the audience who experience anything - from a beautiful celebration to, sometimes, an honest reflection of our shared societal flaws. It also takes a village of incredibly dedicated and passionate artists, both on and off stage, to make the magic happen.”

Lannie Rubio 

Actress, Mrs. Doubtfire First National Tour



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